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Thursday, May 20, 2004
I Get Up for THIS..
I have received some very odd comments. I guess I have not explained myself clearly enough (or some people haven't read the history). Sometimes I wish I owned a shotgun. Anyway, I am having a litter of puppies implanted in my uterus on July 4th, by Dr. Papadolous. I am currently, however, nursing Charli's puppies from the milk out my own bosoms 5 or 6 times a day (I can always lactate..ever since I was 10). I have to nurse them because she, Charli, gets vicious after giving birth, and tries to eat the little ones. I keep her in a nice cage for about 6 weeks. She has about 4 to go until she can be with the babies.

That should clarify things better. I hate repeating myself, especially when I'm tired, and my nipples could be easily plucked off like little juniper berries due to extreme rawness.

Sunday, May 16, 2004
I have needed a few days off due to all this nursing and baby care. Puppies are very busy little creatures!

Just a couple of quick updates before I'm off again for some days. I may have Charli write a couple of entries with the help of C7f52. I am scheduled to meet with Dr. Roger on July 4th (God Bless America :|). The procedure will be easy, and I expect to have my first litter by Xmas.

I'm very tired now. I should go. Expect to see something pop up in the next couple of days.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004
Momma's Raw
The babies were born May 3rd at approximately 2:30 in the morning. 5 precious little creatures. I haven't been able to write much because the little nippers are a handful, and shit are they HUNGRY!! My nipples are so raw, I haven't been wearing any bras/blouses for fear of bleeding. Charli has been behaving well. I've let her out to go to the bathroom and run around for a while, after I've put the 'kids' up, and she's been enjoying a hearty diet of ribeye and possum.

I had a dream last night with Howard Dean. I saw him on the television a couple months back during his promotional tour, and then the other night on HardTalk with Chris whatshisface. He's a very sexy man. Sturdy, stout, and probably doesn't need that viagra shit, unlike Jack, who's a total puss. Anyway, in the dream we were driving to Texas, and I became pregnant with puppies. Then Howard took me to a brothel in Iraq, where I gave birth to 2 talking dog heads and a stick of beef jerky, which I then ate. Then we went to the mall, and ended up taking a plane to nowhere, and the dog heads where crushed in the engines. He had a lab, so he sewed the remains together and brought them back to life. The End.

I got a call from that Greek doctor again. He's coming to the US in July on a grant with some fancy University somewhere, and we will meet for an initial test. I am very excited. I told him, though, that I cannot come out during the day because of the Sun and the monsters, but he reassured me it will be ok, and he'll personally come to visit. By then Charli will not be a horrible bitch, and my babies will be sold (sad).
Sunday, May 02, 2004
My neighbors to the left of me are those mexicans. They remind me of Ching & Chong in the physical way, ...those were funny guys. They blast that shit music all day long, and I can't call the police about it because they always think I'm lying. This is not funny. C7f52 transmitted all of their secrets to me, so I will have find a way to use that information to destroy their business. They sure like nylon panties, I'll tell you that much right now. This bothers me.

Charli has been lying down for quite some time. I'm expecting the puppies by morning, or latest, evening. She's been licking her little doggie vagi-parts for a couple hours, too. I've got her pen made up, and I stocked up on that possum meat, as well as the usual steak she loves. I have to be alert when she pops them out, or she may try to eat them faster than I can pick them up. Depends on the medication levels, I suppose. My bosoms are all tingly and full. I can't wait to feel the little teeth sucking nutrients from my milkbags. It's such an honor. Excuse me... I needed a tissue.

streaky bacons
you find in the fridge,
after some months
mom, walk to the door
green pork spores
attack! you die

Saturday, May 01, 2004
It's May! Still no puppies, but it should be anytime now. I don't know how much longer I can go milking by hand. I've stained four of my blouses, and I've spent the last few days prone on the sofa with the milking machine at my side.

I heard today George Bush was going to speak to the press at some fancy dinner theater, but I didn't watch it. I saw him being interviewed by my favorite fantasy lover a month or so back, which, by the way, was Timmy's worst performance, but it's forgiven, and George's hair's not looking so well. I remember my grandma Pearline used to wear the same wig, and it always smelled musty. His wig probably doesn't smell musty. Heck, he's rich. I'll bet he has a new wig for each day. Damn, to be that rich. Grandma Pearline probably would have beaten the shit out of him today if 1) she knew he had an endless supply of the same model (#10324-grey), and 2) if she weren't dead, which is probably the more important factor at this point.

I am an excellent "night archer". The other night, while feeling rather light after a heavy milking, I decided to go catch Charli and myself some possum. If you've never had possum, try it! I will write a recipe here in a moment for Possum Pie, which is great for winter days or a summer evening picnic with a lover, or if you have no lover, well, I don't know. Do you have a dog? Anyway, I managed to snag three fat ones (use the fat to make your own candles/frying fat). I have awards in only 4 subjects: archery, breeding (small AND farm animals), spore definitions, and astronomic physics. If I ever need to be sent to a space colony, I would survive. Probably not on a desert island, though, like those Big Brothers.

Possum Pie
1 pre-made pie crust (buy the boxed mix for the top)
2 lbs trimmed and chunked possum meat
1 onion, diced
1 clove garlic, diced
3 TB red wine
1 Tsp. salt
Ground pepper

Brown the meat, onions, etc. in a pan until fully cooked (about 10-15 min). Bake pie crust as directed at the same time. When the pie crust is finished, put the meat in the crust, add the top and bake for about 20 min (or until brown) at 400. MMMMMM. Serve with macaroni and cheese or potatoes au gratin.

Bumps all over
oh, silly friend
you went piss on the
three pronged green
monster, ahhhh!
Drew Barrymore

Wednesday, April 28, 2004
haazy, o]pmaspfahnks,.c/
Jack called me today. It caught me off guard because I thought I'd made it clear to him that he was a complete pussy. I guess he'd tried to call while I was out, but it's not like I give a shit. Anyway, he was all concerned about my well-being, so I guess that was nice of him. Then I had a mild seizure, and he freaked out on me, so I accidentally hung up the phone and took it off the hook. 9 hours now. I'll play your little games...

I woke up at 2:30 this afternoon with a headache, and my pillow had some blood on it, so I checked in the mirror to see if something was wrong. Three of the stiches had been pulled out, and the skin was all raw. I then received a message from C7f52 that she (charli) was sorry, but she couldn't open the potted meat with her paws, and my blood just tastes so good..or something like that. I can't remember so well since that little incident the other day. I might need to take a break, and let Charli take over until the litter arrives so I can rest up. I've milked myself already. It's such a miracle.

Monday, April 26, 2004
I ended up in the hospital getting 32 stitches in my head. Now I have an ugly bald spot at the back, and Charli keeps trying to lick it, so I have to tempt her away from the wound with the potted meat.

Anyway, only a week left! Despite the minor setback of the shower incident, my bosoms have begun producing milk, and my nipples are very sore. I can't wait for the babies to arrive! I received long-winded preparations from C7f52, which always pisses me off, since I've been through this process fourteen times (6 of those from my previous little darling, K. Butterling- before I even knew C7f52). Domineering, jackass alien machine. Sometimes I think it was built in Tex-ass, and it's all a lie just like all the man on the moon nonsense from Houston.

mr.feldman made wish
with shiny penny,
burned humanflesh tasty
thank you lucky coin,
love corey


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